5 ways to elevate your mood with fashion

5 ways to elevate your mood with fashion
Photo by Freddie Addery / Unsplash

Sometimes when you feel a bit low all it takes is a few simple things to lift your spirit.

1.  Wear colours that make you feel something.

A red sweater is what made me feel confident enough to pass a driver's license exam. For real! I knew it was a great colour for me and for the autumn season.

Favourite colours change over time, but it's always nice to have some pieces that fit your current mood. I won't go into detail on the colour theory or colour pallettes but obviously some people look better in cool while others look better in warm tones. It's not even about that - do as you please, if red makes you feel empowered - go for it! If blue accentuates your eye colour or helps you look more porfessional and trustworthy - make sure to have some blue pieces in your wardrobe.

2. Put on your fancy clothes.

We all have pieces that we bought either for a special occasion or we think of them as too elegant or too crazy to be worn on a regular day. But! I think it's a mistake.

Wear that cute blouse and take that elegant purse for a stroll as well. You bought these things to enjoy them so treat every day as a special occasion.

3. Find a signature scent.

I'm not the one to swear by one scent for my whole life. But these three have been my best company for quite a long time now. There's one for each mood - Si Tu Savais is the cheerful and carefree; Black Opium mysterious and sexy; Idôle is the chic and professional.

Enjoy your perfume every day, spray them on your hair and outerwear.

Si Tu Savais - Frau Tonis Berlin

Black Opium - Yves Saint Laurent

Idôle - Lancôme

4. Put on a dress.

Summer dress is a perfect piece of clothing. It very often requires no styling - you just put it on and feel bettter immediately. That's the case for me and I wanted to bring that same kind of effortlessness to autumn and winter. I live with two dogs so wearing dresses with tights underneath can be rather tricky. What I've found is the Swedish Stockings company that specialises in tights that are very durable and resistant to tearing. I highly recommend you give these a try!

5. Find statement jewellery.

I personally prefer understated, delicate jewellery, often with floral motifs and dangling pieces. Romantic and timeless. I usually go for rings and earrings and these are my statement pieces. Whichever you prefer - gold or silver, maybe a mix of these two, it can be quite refreshing to put together pieces in an unexpected manner. Maybe a pearl necklace matched with a gold one with a pendant to hang underneath? I used pearls as an example because we often think that they should be worn with no company, but adding a less "serious" element to them creates a fun yet still elegant combination.

Thank you for reading!