What I wore this summer

What I wore this summer
Photo by S O C I A L . C U T / Unsplash

Recap of my favourite pieces and ways to style linen and cotton.

This summer, for me, was about finding a style that's sustainable. I tried styling pieces that could prove to stand the test of time and look good when I look at them in a few years, hopefully decades.

It meant finding the right colour combinations to suit my features, such as cool neutrals and a few statement accent colours which I truly love the most.

Laying down all pieces to see what goes together well. Highly recommend doing that before a trip you need to pack for.

Feeling comfortable in clothes is a big thing for me and during summer when the weather even in Northern Europe is rather hot - it's truly non negotiable. I put together lots of linen pieces and lots of breathable soft cotton poplin ones.

One of my main goals was to include more dresses in the day to day outfits. Having a couple of not so revealing, comfortable and simple dresses really makes dressing up easier. Just style them with a straw hat and flat sandals, or a headband and a handbag for an evening outing. They will serve you well for any summer occasion.

THE black linen dress

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I bought the hat from a man next to Forum Romanum entrance, it literally saved me.

My absolute favourite dress for summer as it's comfort meets chic and I felt so good wearing it. It accentuates waist well and has the perfect length for me, it doesn't weigh me down (I'm 160cm tall so I need to take that into account).

Purple cotton cocktail/beach dress

Faithfull The Brand

One of my favourite colours to wear all year round. And this particular dress is so lightweight and flattering, it worked well both at Baltic and Tyrrhenian sea.

The neckline it has was a bit too revealing for me (works great at the beach though) so I sewed it up.

White linen wrap dress

&Other Stories

Shoes - random pelletteria in Rome

Bag - thrifted

Perfectly cooling and comfortable, it protected me from the roasting Roman sun and fit well with any type of accessory.

Outfit #1

Skirt - thrifted

Pink sweater - Doen

Pink platform shoes - Jonak

Bag - an old gift

Barbie movie premiere outfit - and it's typical nordic summer where you wear sweater and flowy skirt and you're somehow perfectly cool. Hot pink is not usual for me but it made me feel cute!

Outfit #2

Eggshell white linen top - Faithfull The Brand

Red cotton pencil skirt - made by me

Pink flat shoes - Birkenstock

Whenever I need a simple pair of pants or a stretchy cotton skirt I turn to my sewing maching. It can be quite challenging to find well fitting skirts for a soft hourglass figure so I'd rather measure myself properly and stitch a few pieces of fabric to create a custom piece that will 100% do the curves and the waist the justice!

Outfit #3

Cotton poplin shorts - TwoThirds

White cotton button up shirt (I've had it for more than 8 years) - H&M

The shorts' colour is cherry but I find them to be more on the brick red side, which is quite a nice one to compliment my hair colour.

Outfit #4

Cotton poplin shirt with ruffles - Doen

Red cotton shorts - thrifted

Styling floral prints with romantic ruffled blouses is always a win for me as my features are rather soft.

Thank you for reading!